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Counterparty Wallets

The Counterparty community is constantly growing, both in terms of our supporters and the number of projects being built on top of our technology. Below is a list of the most used wallets in the Counterparty community. If you’d like your wallet to be included in the list below, please contact us here


Rarepepewallet serves as your counterparty wallet for traders seeking to collect Rarepepe blockchain cards, namely from the Rarepepe directory; wherein you can find all 29 series of Rarepepe cards currently existing on the Blockchain. Traders can buy and sell assets within the wallet using Pepecash or XCP.

Book of Orbs is a mobile counterparty wallet offering client-side encryption and decentralized trading. Developed by EverdreamSoft, the app utilizes IndieSquare’s API to hold ‘ORBs’. Using the counterparty protocol, these ORBs can be held and traded between users on the bitcoin blockchain for monetary value, or be used in Book of ORBS’ supported gaming environments such as Spells of Genesis, Age of Chains and SaruTobi Island.

Casa Tookan is the first multi-chain wallet, offering users a place to hold tokens from both Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. With Counterparty support, a given, users from the BitCrystals ecosystem can especially find themselves in a new world of cross-gaming compatibility. Casa Tookan also features a built-in web browser.

Counterwallet is a user-friendly web wallet that makes all of the functionality

provided by Counterparty’s reference client, available in your browser. When you

use Counterwallet, all transactions are signed on your device and your private keys are never stored on our servers. All information sent to our servers is encrypted by your Counterwallet client for maximum security, and every trace of your session is erased when you log out. All you need is your passphrase for easy and secure access.

Freeport is a google chrome extension wallet which supports Bitcoin and Counterparty tokens, and allows you to collect, trade, and create cryptogoods.

Create your own cryptogood assets on bitcoin (think rare pepes or cryptokitties). Requires BTC only.

Source available at

FreeWallet is a free open-source wallet which supports Bitcoin and Counterparty. This wallet allows users to send and receive BTC and tokens, create and issue tokens, sign & broadcast messages, supports multiple addresses, and works on both Mainnet and Testnet.

FreeWallet Mobile runs on iOS and Android devices, supports phones and tablets, and also runs in a browser (Chrome/Safari).

FreeWallet Desktop runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

IndieSquare Wallet is the first of its kind to allow for the buying and selling, sending and receiving, of cryptocurrency using the counterparty protocol. Built atop of the bitcoin blockchain, IndieSquare Wallet is the first in the world to offer smartphone users the ability to send and receive tokens in a decentralized exchange with client-side encryption; as well as the ability to issue their own tokens with its value in their local currency. The wallet was also built with mainstream conveniences in mind,

such as push notifications and touch id authorization.


Monya The cryptocurrency wallet that satisfy from beginners to experts. Monya is a wallet which support Counterparty, Altparties, and many crypto currency. And it also supports atomic cross chain swap. It is the first wallet that succeeded atomic swap between Counterparty and Monaparty. And, you can send to token owner. When you type “@missmonacoin”, the address of owner of MISSMONACOIN is automatically completed


Explore Counterparty like a ninja!

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