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Counterparty Community Projects


The Counterparty community is constantly growing, both in terms of our supporters and the number of projects being built on top of our technology. Below is a list of the most adopted and used projects in the Counterparty community, not including wallets and block explorers. If you’d like your project to be included in the list below, please contact us here.

Counterparty does not make investment recommendations and the projects being listed on this page is not intended to act as a recommendation or endorsement of the project.


Age of Chains is a blockchain trading card video game playing in an intergalactic clash of cultures, billions of years in the future. As a player you choose whether to defend the decentralized Milky Way or join the corrupt Andromeda Empire in an encounter that will test your imagination. Use your skills to build powerful decks of cards and outplay your opponent in epic 1on1 player versus player battles.


ArtOlin is a platform for artists and art lovers, where you can create, buy, sell or exchange rare digital art in the form of tokens.

Here you’ll find the highest-quality crypto-assets because they are beautiful, durable, independent of third parties, and anyone can verify ownership and provenance from anywhere in the world.

Through this open crypto-collectible market we aim to create a unique art collection, with indestructible and transferable works which will be registered in the Bitcoin Blockchain forever.

Atoms are present everywhere. Matters are sought and valued since centuries (e.g. sulfur, iron, mercury, gold). Now you can own it digitally, even the ones that were never produced, or just in a few laboratories. AtOMo collection started in June 2018 for the 118 elements of the periodic table & some words NFTs crafted with elements symbols. AtOMo appears in other collections: Bitcorns, Mafia wars, Kaleidoscope, Scannable NFTs, etc.

Authparty is a project developed to help end-users enhance their privacy settings online, in utilizing blockchain technology and private keys, as a method of login authorization for a variety of security outlets. Authparty seeks to streamline this process in an effort to mainstream the control end-users hold over their information and data, and remove weak spots wherein the personal information is made vulnerable in a barrage of various passwords and emails and login details.


Barnyard Club  is the lightly curated directory for humble farmers on Counterparty looking to continue farming after the successful completion of Bitcorns as well as novice farmers looking to share art and experiences around the barn. Farming is important to everyone, so a low barrier to entry and excellent support for new or first time creators is an important part of our ethos. The Farmers Consortium may be calling the shots but the farmers that participate from around the world are the ones bringing the wholesome art as food and non-GMO produce direct to your table. Join us in the Barnyard and become a member of the Club.

bassmint-1.jpg is a new crypto music directory/platform/label on Counterparty. Born from the consciousness basement of some music passionate people, Bassmint is

here to disrupt the music industry to give ownership and power back to the artist by removing the greedy business middleman companies.

Historically, the music industry generates roughly $42 billion in annual revenue and less than 12% goes to artists which is really unfair. Using Counterparty, musicians can mint their music and have them curated on our platform and get paid in Bitcoin directly by the fans buying their tracks.

Bassmint is here to bring all musicians and artists as a community and grow all together as one. Decisions for the future of the platform will be decided by the community.

This is only the start, welcome to Bassmint!

Bitcoin Coaster cards is a Counterparty project featuring the well known Bitcoin Roller Coaster Guy and his many adventures. It is an ongoing card collection with numbered series and cards.

There has currently been 3 series released totalling 14 cards. The theme of the latest series was Bitcoin Land — the magical theme park where you can ride the Bitcoin Roller Coaster and other related rides and attractions. All the art and cards have been made by Marcus Connor, the original creator of the Roller Coaster Guy.


Bitcorns is an idle game of accumulation, similar to AdVenture Capitalist, where the only objective is to accumulate BITCORN. BITCORN cannot be bought, rather, it gets harvested by bitcoin addresses (“farms”) proportionate to their share of 100 CROPS. Deceptively simple, accumulating BITCORN takes an amount of restraint most

people do not possess.

Blockfreight™ is an open source network developed to enhance global shipping logistics, by becoming the first end-to-end solution that partially utilizes the counterparty protocol to ensure authenticity, transparency and permanent record

of movement, streamline smart contracts, and scale a supply chain that handles a multi-trillion dollar industry via tokenization.

BlockSafe is a project dedicated to offering solutions to gun safety debates, in developing cryptographically enforced enhancements to Smart Gun technology via the Ethereum Blockchain. Using the counterparty protocol, BlockSafe’s $Triggers tokens are issued to counterparty wallet holders to aid in the processes that facilitate BlockSafe’s functionalities.


CoinDaddy is a crypto 2.0 services company offering asset registration, transfer/escrow, enhancement and vending alongside various other tools for asset and project assistance, in an effort to make blockchain technologies easier to understand and use.


The first Counterparty-based COFFEEPARTY offering coffee beans direct from growers and specific varieties from around Indonesia. All beans are selected by the Founder in consultation with Master Roasters. The beans are sourced from Java, Indonesia.


Coval uses side chain technology to enable the mass verification of multiple transactions securely, using blockchain technology where appropriate, enabling the faster and scalable transfer of tokens for a variety of applications.


Dank Directory is an organic NFT project built on the counterparty protocol using

the bitcoin blockchain. With a focus on memes and crypto related content, Dank Directory aspires to be widely known and accessible venue for creating tokenized value. The directory was created by an early NFT pioneer, Boost, who created many early Rare Pepes, notably HOMERPEPE. The main currency of the directory, DANKMEMECASH, was airdropped to supporters of the project for the first 6 months after it’s beginnings. This token is used for the submission process to the directory, similar to how PEPECASH was used for the Rare Pepe project. Dank Directory has successfully expanded the lens that “art” can be accessed and projected, but also conceived in terms of meaning and propagating value outside of the traditional rhetoric.


The Fake Ape Club was started on Xchain, on the 26th January 2022, and already we have grown as a community. Fake Apes have been seen in auction rooms such as WTH, Dank auction house, and scarce city.Here at the F.A.C, artists are given artistic freedom, to freely express themselves through their artwork.


FoldingCoin is a counterparty token founded as a rewards system, for those that contribute computer power towards Stanford’s ‘Folding@home’ distributed computing project, towards disease research.


FootballCoin is the token reward offering given to players who rank high enough on the platform’s (of the same name) various football leagues. FootballCoin can be transferred both in and outside of the game and can be used to purchase and trade a collectible team roster in the form of blockchain based cards, giving an additional TCG element to fantasy football leagues within this environment.


GetGems is a fully scaled, combined instant messaging and bitcoin wallet app, that facilitates the sending and receiving of the custom GEMZ token using the counterparty protocol. Available as both a mobile and web client, with multi-media messaging capabilities, GetGems also allows users to earn the original token via referrals and social media promotion of the app. The token can also be sent and received in other counterparty supported wallets.

HODLPET is the first living creature hosted on the Bitcoin blockchain via Counterparty! Think of HODLPET as an online Tamagotchi who is nurtured democratically by our community of HODLERs, or as a community-led choose-your-own adventure story. An exciting and totally unique use of the counterparty platform, HODLPET is crammed with generous NFT exclusives and oodles of fun features. These include HODLDROPs (exclusive NFT artworks by esteemed artists) and HODLTRUMPs (a collectible, playable NFT card game based on HODLPET’s life).


IndieBoard is a token management environment built within the IndieSquare interface, that can be accessed by mobile and desktop users. IndieBoard allows developers to create and distribute their token applications, as well as allowing users who have issued their own tokens to customise their issuances. Users can also easily issue more tokens to those who ‘tip’ or monetize their content with cryptocurrency.


Kaleidoscope is a digital directory for enhanced assets on the Counterparty network. The directory shows a number of “black market” enhanced assets or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which are any asset, including misappropriated assets, whether joined to a project or not.


LTBcoin is a coin awarded to participants of the letstalkbitcoin publishing platform, a community in which new projects and content from the cryptocurrency community are discussed and debated through various forms of media.


Mafia Wars is a decentralized blockchain based mafia themed idle game of accumulation which utilizes the Counterparty platform and the security of the Bitcoin blockchain. The only objective of the game is to accumulate the MAFIACASH reward token. MAFIACASH is distributed each month to players proportional to their share of total Mafia Wars family tokens and their families in-game performance.

NFT Relics Explorer provides information about sales and open offers of assets on XChain and OpenSea. It also features a timeline detailing creation of various NFT projects on multiple platforms including Counterparty.

Pepeproject-1.jpg is an all-in-one platform for Rare Pepes, Fare Rares, Fake Commons and Dank Rares. It aims to be the center social hub of the Pepe community, providing easy-to-use tools for and frictionless Pepe exploring, buying or selling.

PepeFlags.Art is a project that was started in 2017 as a hobby where we remake every US state flag using Pepe The Frog and only recently began minting them as Counterparty assets in early 2022. With these Pepe Flags we hope to inspire more frog frens to come be a part of the growing Counterparty community and have plans to eventually expand our project to include International Pepe Flags to attract greater global audiences to the Counterparty platform.

Rescued from Namecoin Purgatory to live again on the Bitcoin Blockchain

The PHUNCHKIN NFT Community on Bitcoin is run by the community and is for all artists. The opportunity to use your artistic talents in whatever way you choose is encouraged. Each series a theme is voted upon for the new NFT series


Proof of Visit turns secure Counterparty assets into distinct digital souvenirs, which cannot be forged or counterfeited and are platform agnostic. Proof of Visit is a fun and educational project that combines Counterparty assets with augmented reality to introduce people to digital asset ownership at very low cost.


Not Rare Pepe. This is Rare Shadilay, baby! centers its premise around both trading card and role play strategies, built upon blockchain technology. Inspired by the gaming stylistics of Hearthstone and Pokemon, repurposes the Rarepepe directory for direct in-game use in this rendition of TCG and RPG gaming, the latter adding a layer of dimension to the game for solo players with its exclusive discovery elements. Very much anchored to its blockchain origin, the game is built as a framework for Rarepepe collectors, to explore and earn blockchain rewards in multiplayer battles.


SaruTobi Island developer Mandel Duck offers players the opportunity to help fund chapters two and three of the blockchain backed, cross-platform game. In their initial offering of three different tokens that are tradable on the decentralized, bitcoin blockchain as a cross-platform, monetary asset and TCG element, as well as summonable in the game’s current version for a multitude of purposes, players will crowdfund the expansion of the game’s initial RPG element into a multiplayer, multi-level game.

Scannable art, tokenized. Scannable NFTs is a community making scannable creative works on the blockchain!


Spells of Genesis is a mobile game combining the collective and strategic aspects of trading card games, with the multilevel, addictive stylistics of arcade gaming. Collect, trade and combine ‘ORBs’ to build the strongest decks on the bitcoin blockchain, and put them to the test against various opponents, all the while exploring the fantasy realm of Askian.

Takara is a geocaching app that allows users to hunt for both BTC and tokenized treasure, built upon the bitcoin blockchain using the Counterparty protocol. Users can engage the cryptocurrency community by dropping and collecting bitcoin around the globe upon solving clues left by other users.

The Drooling Apes Bus Club is a community generated NFT project focused on accessibility, fun, and artistic celebration of all things apes, drool, and buses.


The PEPE Project – Come explore the mysterious rabbit hole with a tokenized series of NFT’s based on research that connect TRUMP – BITCOIN – PEPE – Q. The world is watching the fiat ponzi system implode as the old guard is being removed. The Great Awakening of humanity is finally here. Grab a cup of covfefe and join us!

The Scarab Experiment is an exhibition system built upon the bitcoin blockchain, that utilizes the counterparty protocol to allow holders of its Scarab token to vote artwork into its digitized exhibitions.

The Wojak Way is a new crypto art collection on Counterparty. The project has achieved close to 6.5 BTC in volume and 836 unique holders in less than 6 months. Wojak (a popular meme character) is the main focus of the series and the directory features artists from across the world. We hope to see several takes of Wojak in this series in the form of memes, fine art, satire and video GIFs.


Token.FM redefines ownership within the music streaming industry for artists and fans alike. Artists signed up to’s label scheme can assign their own pricing, scarcity and royalty distributions whilst rewarding their communities with tokenized media using the counterparty protocol. In turn, fans receive true ownership over their music and a more intimate relationship with artists without promises underwritten by ROIs.


Tokenly offers a specialized solutions service for users to create and issue token-based consumer products. Aimed at the non-developer, Tokenly’s interface is optimised for ease of access and information.


XCP DEX is an open-source application that effectively organizes the recent activity in the decentralized exchange for easy viewing and accessibility for traders. Collectors of counterparty assets on the bitcoin blockchain will find that tokens have efficiently been arranged by the currency in which they have been traded: XCP, BTC, BCY, PEPECASH, and WILLCOIN.


The token is the art. XCPinata is a collection rooted in vintage assets.

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