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Counterparty Newsletter - December 2022

A little later than usual - here’s December’s Counterparty Newsletter. Check out some recent news below:

Community Updates

Bassmint News - Genesis Collection Drops! The Bassmint project has dropped their Genesis collection showcasing the earliest musicians supporting the platform. Bassmint is funded through donations from the Bassmint token - there are no fees from the artists.

With a venue in the Metaverse in Voxel (,1677S), Bassmint are planning some live music events and The 5 Unique Vinyls of the collection are currently in production. Bassmint is here to stay and keep growing.

Included in the drop is KEKEBRATE - a videoart piece from Rito Rhymes, featuring over 100 Pepe artworks for Rare, Fake and Dank directories has “Pepe-remixed” Daft Punk’s track “One More Time”.

12 Days of Kekmas Long-time bitcoin art supporter Rebel Money is dropping 12 unique pieces of content from several notable Rare Pepe and Counterparty artists. You can catch them all starting 13th December and through the holiday season at and also twitter - make sure to give him a follow to make sure you don’t miss out!

Counterparty Name Service (.xcp) Many Counterparty community members advertise their love and affiliation with a .xcp suffix on various social media - what is it and how do you get one?

Community member @Carsontated has written an excellent article describing how you can create your very own .xcp address and how you can make use of it. The article is available on

BLACKBOX tokens to support J-Dog into 2023 J-Dog’s call out to continue funding his full time focus on Counterparty through 2023 is still available. The proposed pipeline includes:

  1. New block explorer

  2. Browser based mobile wallet

  3. Fresh and modern website

  4. Implement trusted dispensers

  5. Integration of a Virtual Machine into Counterparty

  6. Bugfixes and improvements to Counterparty

If you are interested in making any of these potential developments happen you can donate by sending funds to this dispenser. Donations of at least 0.001 BTC will receive a token from the dispenser to commemorate the donation and will also receive some airdrops rewards. updates The list has been updated again. Feel free to browse and visit projects using Counterparty. You may find something new that interests you!

New addition this month:

  1. PepeFlags.Art is a project that was started in 2017 as a hobby where we remake every US state flag using Pepe The Frog and only recently began minting them as Counterparty assets in early 2022. With these Pepe Flags we hope to inspire more frog frens to come be a part of the growing Counterparty community and have plans to eventually expand our project to include International Pepe Flags to attract greater global audiences to the Counterparty platform.

If your project isn’t there, and you’d like it to be added - please contact with a logo, a link to a website and a short description.

FAQs to help Watch out for a new resource coming soon to help newbies improve knowledge and provide answers to commonly asked questions. If you have any suggestions for questions, please drop us a line at

Development Updates

Counterparty 9.60.1 release coming soon A new release of Counterparty is almost ready for release. Version 9.60.1 will fixe a number of issues for parsing and re-parsing the full XCP transaction history that have been introduced over many years of development. Startup options will also be included to bypass default behaviour when deploying a node meaning the use of an initial Bootstrap database is optional. (Note that a full parsing of the entire Counterparty transaction history takes approximately 2 weeks.)

Counterparty makes use of Bitcoin Core - this will be updated to 24.0 which includes security improvements.

Keep an eye on the Counterparty twitter feed for announcements. updates There have been a bumper number of quality of life and user community suggested improvements made to recently - updates include:

  1. Highlighting of dispensers to make it easier to differentiate open / closed dispensers using red / green colouring.

  2. Colour coding of dispenses on address page to make it easy to see if a dispense is going OUT of an address (red) or a dispense coming in (green)

  3. Updates to display the USD price of 1 whole token, when the amount being sold is less than 1

  4. Prices showing for many more tokens / assets based on historical data - many more assets now show a value.

  5. Display USD format in 'Market Information' shown at 8 decimal places to facilitate easier tracking of price movements below $0.01

  6. Added 'dispenses' tab to address and asset pages to make viewing dispenses easier

  7. You can specify the active tab with the param "active" or "tab" as part of a URL i.e.

  8. Make pages more mobile friendly. Collapse tabs that don’t fit on-screen in a single line into a "More" submenu

Reminder: As at the end of November 2022 no longer displays embedded HTML content without user consent - this is to reduce chances of a nefarious action being taken by the embedded HTML/javascript code. In order to view the content, users will need to click the prompt.

Are you a counterparty developer? Ready to publicise your skills? Want to collaborate with others in the Counterparty community?

A community resource is being created for those wanting to get in contact with Counterparty Developers. A register will be publicly available and shared regularly in the Counterparty Telegram groups to allow potential collaborators to match with developers.

If you want to share your details - enter your details here:

CIPs exist to give the development and user community a voice in the future of Counterparty features. More info can be found at If you have a great idea for improving the Counterparty experience, please get in touch.

Community Hangouts

The November Counterparty Community Hangout was hosted on November 16. There were some great discussions within the community including contributions from HIPHOP.GAME discussing their generative music project, Theo Goodman updating the community on his Ugly Lines project, Rare Scrilla talking about Fake Basel Miami (which took place December 2 - 4), and Shawn Leary giving a brief update on the HNFT event in Barcelona.

Well worth a listen if you were unable to make it. Recording is available here:

The next Community Hangout has not yet been scheduled. Make sure you don’t miss the next one - details will be posted on the Counterparty Twitter Join the Official Counterparty Chat on Telegram for announcements. Drop us a message if you have an exciting topic you want to discuss with developers or the community.

For any media inquiries contact

Please join the @Counterparty_XCP group on Telegram for breaking news and real-time Counterparty conversation!

Disclaimer: This newsletter is sent as an informational piece, and no part of it should be taken as financial advice.


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