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Counterparty-lib 9.61.0 released!

Today counterparty-lib releases version 9.61.0 which includes the following updates :

  1. Bumped bitcoin core version to 25.1 - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  2. Adjusted DEFAULT_MULTISIG_DUST_SIZE (7800->1000) - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  3. Fixed issue with oracle function returning bad values - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  4. Fixed issue with change smaller than DUST throwing error - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  5. Fixed issue with issuances and callability error - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  6. Fixed issue with issuance backwards compatability - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  7. Fixed issue with dividends not working on reset assets - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  8. Redefined EMPTY address to mean no XCP or BTC history - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  9. Fixed issue with skipping owner validation on numeric issuances - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  10. Fixed issue with sweeps not transferring asset ownership if no supply issued - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  11. Added `origin` field to dispensers (allows refill/close/reopen from `origin`) - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  12. Added support for triggering dispenses on all tx outputs - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  13. Fixed issue with Asset description deleted when null - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  14. Added max dispense limit of 1000 - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  15. Fixed issue with being unable to lock and change asset description - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  16. Added DISPENSER_CLOSE_DELAY to delay closing dispensers 5 blocks - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  17. Added MAX_REFILLS limit of 5 - <more=">more" info="info</a>">

  18. Added dynamic XCP fee on sweeps - <more=">more" info="info</a>"> All users running servers are encouraged to upgrade. Activation block on mainnet is block # 819,300

Upgrade Procedure: For those running a federated node you should run the following commands:

cd federatednode
git pull
fednode stop
fednode update
fednode stop
fednode rebuild bitcoin bitcoin-testnet --no-cache
fednode rebuild addrindexrs addrindexrs-testnet --no-cache
fednode rebuild counterparty counterparty-testnet --no-cache
fednode stop
sudo su
rm -rf data/addrindexrs/*
rm -rf data/counterparty/*
fednode start

Running the above commands will upgrade your counterparty fednode to the 9.61.0 release, rebuild your addrindexrs data, and start the download of the counterparty bootstrap databases.

View counterparty-lib 9.61.0 Release Notes


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