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Announcing the Winners of the Devparty Contest

We’re happy to report that the Devparty voting period ended today with the closing block #398809 and that we’re ready to announce the winners of the first Counterparty development contest!

Panel Voting The first voting group was comprised of six judges appointed by the Counterparty Foundation:

  1. Ivana Zuber: Counterparty General Manager

  2. Robby Dermody: Counterparty Co-founder; Symbiont

  3. Chris Derose: Counterparty Community Director

  4. Jeremy Johnson (J-Dog): Coindaddy

  5. Ruben De Vries (rubensayshi): Blocktrail; counterparty-lib contributor

  6. Matthew Tan (mtbitcoin): Blockscan with each judge receiving 3 DEVPANEL tokens to send to one or more of the competing project addresses. Voting was being monitored on the Blockscan scoreboard, and the final results are as follows:

CounterTools wins first place, followed by SoGParty on the second place and XCP Wallet and XCP DEX sharing third place.

Community Voting The community voting group was comprised of last unique 750 active addresses, counted up until block 386200, with each address getting three DEVPARTY tokens. After a period of 1 week, the community voting ended as follows:

SogParty winning first place, CounterTools second and XCP DEX third place.

Prizes The community prize was entirely dependent on community donations, with our co-founder Robby Dermody matching donations 1:1. Community members were able to donate to the pool by sending XCP to the following address: 1NkRncAvsbYyFD3qZUCxqmupbvPKHHJASe. Since the total amount of XCP donated was 609.8, the final amount in the pool available for community prizes is 1219.6 XCP. This means that:

  1. First Prize and 608.9 XCP goes to SoGParty

  2. Second prize and 457.35 XCP goes to CounterTools

  3. Third prize and 152.45 XCP goes to XCP DEX The main prize, awarded by the panel is 7,500 XCP and will be awarded as follows:

  4. First place and 6,000 XCP will be awarded to CounterTools

  5. Second place and 1,000 XCP will be awarded to SoGParty

  6. Third place and 250 XCP will be awarded to both XCP DEX and XCP Wallet Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants and everyone who voted and donated to the community pool. We’re very excited to see this kind of innovative development in the Counterparty ecosystem and hope to have more development contests in the future.

Project Recap In case you missed our last week’s post, here’s a brief introduction to each project again:

CounterTools by JP - First Place Panel, Second Place Community CounterTools is a modular JavaScript Bitcoin and Counterparty GUI Wallet. In addition to standard wallet features, it offers tools for notarizing files, sending in bulk, and recovering passphrases. The wallet is optimized for ease of adding additional modules. For more information checkout the YouTube video or the project’s source code.

SoGParty by X_ETHeREAL_X - Second Place Panel, First Place Community SoGParty is a webwallet and marketplace tailored to Spells of Genesis game assets and built off of a fork of counterwallet. The site is live and available for use at: A video demonstration is available here while the code can be accessed on github.

XCP DEX by Dan Anderson - Third Place Panel & Community XCP DEX is all Dex and no wallet. For more information checkout the YouTube video or see the project in action at Full source code is available at XCP Wallet by Joe Looney (loon3) - Third Place Community Reboot of the XCP Wallet for Chrome.  The following new features were developed during the Devparty contest time frame.

  1. updated UI

  2. broadcasts via OP_RETURN

  3. client-side subasset prototype

  4. see for protocol spec

  5. see Chrome-Extension/test/register_subasset.html to issue subassets (uses OP_RETURN)

  6. Blockchain-based Encrypted Messaging utilizing ECIES and written into txs using the Counterparty Arc4 and OP_CHECKMULTISIG encoding method Full codebase is available at, while the screenshots of the wallet can be seen here.


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