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Tatiana Coin Launched Via Coin Powers and Counterparty

From the press release:

Tatiana Moroz, a New Jersey-based, singer-songwriter and entrepreneur is releasing her “Tatiana Coin”, the first-ever artist crypto currency aka “Artist Coin”. “Tatiana Coin” will use Counterparty to empower fans and music lovers alike to directly contribute to Tatiana’s 3rd album release and subsequent tour.

“Tatiana Coin” is powered by, a new Crypto-Property CrowdSale platform running on the Counterparty protocol. “The ‘Tatiana Coin’ is only the beginning”, explains Tatiana Moroz, “of what Bitcoin cryptocurrency can offer. There are endless possibilities with ‘Tatiana Coin’ and I want to see other artists and even start-ups adopt this fundraising platform which continues to build value long after a donation is made and the campaign ends.”

Counterparty is an agnostic, open platform and our goal is to help facilitate the vision of others and open the doors to new and exciting ways of doing business and fulfilling dreams. We are thrilled to be the first distributed platform that enables entrepreneurs pursue models that did not exist even a few months ago and we look forward to working with Tatiana, Coin Powers, and other entrepreneurs as the space heats up.


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