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Silicon Valley Recap

Last week, Robby visited the Silicon Valley, and he and Matt went to conferences, gave talks, and met investors and entrepreneurs, all with the purpose of raising awareness of and doing business development for Counterparty.

Robby and Matt had opportunities to speak at an Ethereum Meetup, at Singularity University, and a class at Stanford University. An overview of their presentation at Stanford University was written by Tim Swanson can be found here.

After Robby finished his presentations, he would often have an informal group gather around him, as he explained Counterparty in further detail. One of these presentations can be found here. In light of Robby’s presentations, software developers wanted to contribute to Counterparty, either by building on top of it, or contributing to more core functionality directly.

Great interest in Counterparty was expressed by the entrepreneurs and investors that Robby and Matt met with. A number of people saw that Counterparty could directly benefit their businesses, and we will see many more businesses building on top of Counterparty over the next few months. The overall quality of developers in the space is quite high. Many have jobs with top tier companies which are easily recognizable worldwide. Sector interest is divided fairly equally with a bit of a lean towards businesses that will use the contract for difference and binary betting functionality to facilitate their models.

At the Bitcoin job fair, we advertised our search for a marketing lead. Not only did this result in several qualified candidates applying, but it allowed Matt and Robby to network and promote Counterparty further. Robby had yet another opportunity to talk about Counterparty, which can be found here.

This trip was great for spreading the word about Counterparty, and our reception was better than we could have expected. It was exciting to see how many people appreciated the opportunities Counterparty’s platform offered their businesses.

Evan and Robby will be attending Bitcoin 2014 in Amsterdam. The founders will continue their work with communications and business development, and will be speaking at Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong and Melbourne, as well as CoinSummit in London.


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