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Next Steps

Over the past number of months, Counterparty has emerged from a simple idea into fully functional next generation platform for creating financial instruments on top of the most secure blockchain in the world: Bitcoin. Yesterday we unveiled our new website, as well as releasing our GUI wallet (Counterwallet) on mainnet. The day before we finished on-boarding our full-time developer – Ouziel (JahPowerBit), and Sergio (one of our two top-notch Bitcoin security consultants) finished his review of counterpartyd. All of this was done in the way we’ve operated from the start – through putting our feet before our mouths and leading with action.

In this short amount of time, we now have a solid basis in our technology: a stable, peer-reviewed reference client, an informative website, and a very functional and easy to use interface that provides the vast majority of Counterparty functionality to essentially anyone with a web browser. We feel that this is the base on which future growth will rest, and as such, we consider the first phase of our growth complete.

We are hopeful that Counterparty represents the next step – a step towards the democratization of financial markets. The opportunity here is immense: the ability to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to billions and even trillions of dollars of notational wealth in play in financial and asset markets all over the world. Such technology can minimize the negative influence of the human aspect in these systems in a way that produces more open and fair markets, for the benefit of market participants, economies, and societies at large. Fair markets and fair money create prosperity, and we have the technology to make that possible.

And so at the precipice of our next step, some changes are necessary. With our core technology created and in use, we now face primarily of human-based challenge of promoting this technology and seeking adoption. As stated earlier, this is a slower and more gradual phase, as it rests on people looking forward at the possibilities, instead of maintaining a focus on the status quo. Marketing and business development become more central parts of the picture, to help push this process along.

We’d like to personally thank the members of the growing Counterparty community for your support. You guys are the force that will make Counterparty into the great success we are sure it can be. It has been exciting for all of us on the core team to see this effort evolve, and we are just getting started.

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