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Marketing Position

Job Role

  1. Develop press releases, tutorial videos, etc.

  2. Maintain Counterparty social media presence, as well as conducting outreach campaigns

  3. Central role in interfacing with the Counterparty user community

  4. Provide informational project status updates and work with the community to coordinate outreach efforts

  5. Form relationships with and interact with members of the press


  1. 2+ years marketing experience preferred

  2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  3. An interest and knowledge in cryptocurrencies and the 2.0 space

  4. Ability to communicate technical concepts at a high level, in an easy to understand matter

  5. Able to dedicate at least 20 hrs/week to the effort


In addition to any donations provided by members of the community, we are prepared to offer compensation in a mix of XCP and BTC. Exact compensation will depend on qualifications.



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