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Introducing Devparty Projects and Announcing the Start of the Voting Period

After 10 weeks of development the Devparty contest is officially closed and five new Counterparty integrations are competing for the prize of up to 9,500 XCP! Below we’re listing all projects that have met the contest criteria:

SoGParty by X_ETHeREAL_X SoGParty is a webwallet and marketplace tailored to Spells of Genesis game assets and built off of a fork of counterwallet. The site is live and available for use at:

It is is endorsed by Spells of Genesis as announced on the SpellsOfGenesis slack group and twitter: For support, please join the SoGParty slack channel: A video demonstration is available here while the code can be accessed on github. To vote for SoGParty please send your DEVPARTY tokens to the following address: 1JCWDtW76JrxwHwnmKXGoxi1GP7jk8m37K

XCP Wallet by Joe Looney (loon3) Reboot of the XCP Wallet for Chrome.  The following new features were developed during the Devparty contest time frame.

  1. updated UI

  2. broadcasts via OP_RETURN

  3.  client-side subasset prototype

  4. see for protocol spec

  5. see Chrome-Extension/test/register_subasset.html to issue subassets (uses OP_RETURN)

  6. Blockchain-based Encrypted Messaging utilizing ECIES and written into txs using the Counterparty Arc4 and OP_CHECKMULTISIG encoding method

Full codebase is available at, while the screenshots of the wallet can be seen here. To vote for the XCP Wallet please send your DEVPARTY tokens to the following address: 1DTmJxVP2RWkTuGNBmwEqBV1ukaXr27Yib

XCP DEX by Dan Anderson XCP DEX is all Dex and no wallet. For more information checkout the YouTube video or see the project in action at

Full source code is available at To vote for the XCP DEX please send your DEVPARTY tokens to the following address: 19jUemChVcQ66vVATVd9fwBqfAhPgRsd15

CounterTools by JP CounterTools is a modular JavaScript Bitcoin and Counterparty GUI Wallet.

In addition to standard wallet features, it offers tools for notarizing files, sending in bulk, and recovering passphrases. The wallet is optimized for ease of adding additional modules. A developer guide is included. For more information checkout the YouTube video or the project’s source code. To vote for CounterTools please send your DEVPARTY tokens to the following address: 14G8brfiSQzAzpwRdwumCUHdWR3AnK4Eum

ONOMA by sull ONOMA is a Counterparty-compatible Asset-based Content, Identity and Reputation Platform.

With ONOMA you can create website for multiple verified Counterparty Assets and generate "Enhanced Asset" JSON metadata. Each asset has it's own content feed where asset owner can post updates to and has JSON/XML output. Here are some of its features:

  1. Uses Static Flat File system (JSON, XML) and No SQL database. Portable platform can upload to other servers and run without "installation", only some settings file changes.

  2. User adds and verifies Bitcoin Addresses and XCP Asset Ownership prior to being able to create and use Asset Feeds or other Asset Transaction functionality.

  3. Sites can have multiple users with their own Assets and Feeds.

  4. Users can also create feeds unrelated to Assets for general content publishing.

  5. Users can create RSS Aggregators (River of News) to compile various news sources into a single page with RSS and OPML outputs.

  6. Supports Podcasting, Automatic Hashtag and Username linking, Microformats for Bitcoin Tips, QR Codes and other features.

  7. Easy to extend and theme.

  8. Integrated with following 3rd party services:

  9. - Comments on posts

  10. - Anchored Blockchain Receipts for posts and other transactions get stored on server in various ways and on Airtable DB.

  11. - Syncs to remote database service as backup or lightweight ledger depending on how it is implemented.

  12. Amazon S3 - Backup of static files etc. Future plans:

  13. Support All Counterparty Transactions Types within platform itself.

  14. Export off-chain token transactions and Import to wallets for on-chain settlement flow.

  15. Community features and integrated wallet

  16. Blockchain Identity and Reputation Components

  17. Update Design to be mobile-first with newer CSS frameworks.

  18. General rewrite of code to evolve from "Prototype" to "Release Quality" Demo is available at while the source code can be accesses here. To vote for ONOMA please send your DEVPARTY tokens to the following address: 1L338fGqCjfS91EyjDAQ7kNr7RYTcB7K6M

Voting Rules Voting will be done by two separate groups. The first group is comprised of seven judges appointed by the Counterparty Foundation:

  1. Ivana Zuber: Counterparty General Manager

  2. Robby Dermody: Counterparty Co-founder; Symbiont

  3. Robert Ross: Counterparty Community Director; Folding Coin

  4. Chris Derose: Counterparty Community Director

  5. Jeremy Johnson (J-Dog): Coindaddy

  6. Ruben De Vries (rubensayshi): Blocktrail; counterparty-lib contributor

  7. Matthew Tan (mtbitcoin): Blockscan The second group is comprised of the community itself. Voting will be done by sending one or more DEVPARTY tokens to the address of the project one wants to vote for. Vote counting will be done via, both for judging panel and community voting. Once again, here are the addresses where the DEVPARTY tokens should be sent to: SoGParty1JCWDtW76JrxwHwnmKXGoxi1GP7jk8m37KXCP Wallet1DTmJxVP2RWkTuGNBmwEqBV1ukaXr27YibXCP DEX19jUemChVcQ66vVATVd9fwBqfAhPgRsd15CounterTools14G8brfiSQzAzpwRdwumCUHdWR3AnK4EumONOMA1L338fGqCjfS91EyjDAQ7kNr7RYTcB7K6M

Prizes After the one week long voting period (till February 16th), the two voting groups will award a first, second and third place for both the main prize and the community prize: Main prize (7,500 XCP total, awarded by the panel):

  1. 6,000 XCP – First place

  2. 1,000 XCP – Second place

  3. 500 XCP – Third placeCommunity prizes (up to 2,000 XCP total, awarded by community vote):

  4. Up to 1,000 XCP – First place

  5. Up to 750 XCP – Second place

  6. Up to 250 XCP – Third placeWe thank again all the participants and wish everyone the best of luck during voting!


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