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Counterwallet Live on Testnet

Over a week ago, internal testing began on Counterwallet and today we are happy to announce that Counterwallet is available for public testing. Get testnet BTC using the BTC testnet faucet. To obtain testnet XCP, either burn testnet BTC using Counterwallet or post a receiving address on the Counterwallet testnet thread.

In this blog post, I'll share a user's experience with Counterwallet to illustrate the functionality and usability of this lightweight web wallet.

Creating a new wallet

To create a wallet, click Create a New Wallet on This will generate a random 12-word passphrase. Enter it into the space provided, or, if you are concerned about key-loggers, use the virtual keyboard shown here.

Token Creation

Click the Address Actions drop-down menu, and select Create Token.

Specify the name of the token, a description, and whether it is divisible or callable.

Use Tokens

Below each address is a list of tokens associated with it. There is also a drop-down menu specifying what can be done with each token:


  1. Send

Testnet BTC

  1. Send

  2. Burn for testnet XCP

User-created tokens

  1. Send

  2. Issue

  3. Transfer issuance rights

  4. Change description

  5. Pay dividends

  6. View a token's profile

Tokens created by other users

  1. Send

  2. Show info (i.e. view profile)

Distributed Exchange

Counterwallet makes trading on Counterparty's distributed exchange, a peer-to-peer platform for trading assets with no counterparty risk, easy and intuitive.Counterwallet tells you the market rate of the asset you are selling; all the you have to do is specify the quantity of the asset that is being bought, and Counterwallet will tell you how much it will cost. You may also override the market price and construct an order as you like.

Looking forward

Our upcoming plans include adding betting functionality, so that you can make broadcasts, binary bets, and contracts for difference. When this functionality has been implemented, you will be able to use all of Counterparty's functionality through Counterwallet.


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