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Counterparty Update May 8: New Community Website, Documentation and Video Tutorials

This week was rather quiet at Counterparty with everyone working hard on their projects, which means we’ll soon have a lot of exciting news to share. For now, we just have a few short updates and an announcement from the FoldingCoin team.

New Community Website by FoldingCoin Robert and his team launched a new website called XCPAssets dedicated to providing information about the Counterparty ecosystem and various projects built on top of the Counterparty network. The site lists all major assets created on Counterparty and provides the opportunity for asset owners to publish articles about their projects on the site’s blog section. For more information visit or read the announcement on Let’s Talk Bitcoin.

New Documentation and Video Tutorials We’ve updated our documentation section with new information about Counterparty features and use cases, as well as with new User Tutorials for Counterwallet. If you prefer the video format, be sure to check out FoldingCoin’s new tutorials explaining all the basic features of the Counterparty’s web wallet.

Upcoming Foundation Board Meeting Today, Friday 8th, we will hold the third meeting of the Counterparty Foundation Board of Directors to discuss future steps and direction of the foundation. Summary of the meeting will be published on the Foundation’s blog in the following days. That concludes our update for this week. If you have any questions you can contact us via our support channel, gitter, forum or github. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly updates via email.


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