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Counterparty Update, Apr 17: Robby on Epicenter Bitcoin, New Video Tutorials, Counterparty Specification & More

Epicenter Bitcoin Episode on Counterparty with Robby Dermody Last week Robby gave an interview on Epicenter Bitcoin discussing the features and evolution of the Counterparty project. If you missed the episode you can listen to the podcast on SoundCloud or watch the video on YouTube Topics covered included:

  1. Why was the initial XCP supply created by destroying bitcoins

  2. What are the different components of the Counterparty system

  3. What distinguishes embedded consensus systems like Counterparty

  4. Why crowdfunding has become a major use case for Counterparty

  5. Why Counterparty’s Ethereum-style smart contracts will play an important role in the future

  6. Talk about Symbiont, and how it aims to commercialize Counterparty’s technology

Counterparty Foundation Voting is Coming to an End Only 233 blocks left till the end of the Counterparty Foundation voting period. Current rankings of the community director candidates at block #352485 are as follows:

  1. Devon Weller has taken the lead with over 50% of all votes (or a total of 13,340.26 votes)

  2. Chris Derose is in second place with 9,296.55 votes

  3. Robert Ross is in third with 2,325.85 votes

  4. Followed closely by JP Janssen with 1,372.78 votes At block 352718 we will make the final count and announce the names of the top three candidates to act as the Counterparty Foundation community directors for the duration of one year.

Counterparty Specification by Devon Weller from Tokenly As announced in one of our previous posts, Devon Weller, the co-founder and CTO of Tokenly and the community director candidate is developing a developer-level specification for the Counterparty protocol. So far the specification includes decoding and encoding transactions documentation, as well as broadcast and send examples.

New Community Videos This week we had a good number of new Counterparty videos made by our community members. Robert Ross from Folding Coin started a video series on Counterwallet explaining all of the available features, as well as a Counterparty Guides series with tutorials on XCP paper wallet and the new XCP Wallet from Chrome. If you want to see a particular feature or use case covered in these videos post your suggestions in our dedicated forum thread: Counterwallet Tutorial Videos (by FoldingCoin). Chris Derose made a video interview with Joe Looney, the creator of the XCP Wallet for Chrome discussing the development of the wallet and the technology behind it. If you haven’t tried the extension yet, you can download it from the Chrome Store.

Development UpdatesNew version of Counterblock, v1.2.0-BETA2 was released this week with the following changes:

  1. Pegs the pymongo library version, to avoid incompatibility issues with pymongo 3.0

  2. Improves exception logging for exceptions that happen within a greenlet thread context

  3. Fixes an issue with an exception on reorg processing (from counterparty-server's message feed).

  4. Modifies the state flow with rollbacks to streamline and simplify things a bitThat concludes our update for this week. If you have any questions you can contact us via our support channel, gitter, forum or github. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly updates via email.


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