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Counterparty Update, Apr 10: XCP on, Counterparty Foundation Voting, New Chrome Wallet Version & More Integrated XCP We’re happy to announce that Counterparty users can now exchange their XCPs with Bitcoin or 25+ other cryptocurrencies instantly, without registration, on the exhange platform. ShapeShift operates like a vending machine, in which a user deposits one coin and receives another, without the need to create an account and register on the site. Developers can also utilize the ShapeShift API to accept payment in XCP and instantly convert it to Bitcoin, or any other digital asset in which they prefer to hold value.

Counterparty Foundation Voting On April 5th, at block 350710, we announced the start of the two-week voting period to elect three community directors for the Counterparty Foundation. Voting is based on broadcasting messages with code XCPELECTION + the number of the candidate one wishes to vote for, and value that represents the number of votes assigned to the candidate. Message text for each individual candidate Devon Weller: XCPELECTION 1 Robert Ross: XCPELECTION 2 Chris DeRose: XCPELECTION 3 JP Janssen: XCPELECTION 4 Please bear in mind that the value of the broadcast must be less or equal to the amount of XCP contained in that address. Also, although it is possible to spread the balance to several votes, the sum of all votes must never exceed the balance. This means that if you have 500 XCP in your address, you can broadcast one message with the value 200 and another one with the value 300, but a third broadcast would not be taken into account as all XCP has already been allocated. Further, it is not possible to cast double votes. If you transfer your XCPs to another address after broadcasting a message, assigned votes will be deleted on the next vote count (as the address no longer contains sufficient XCP). Current rankings of the community director candidates are displayed on the public Blockscan voting scoreboard. For more information on how to broadcast a message using Counterwallet check out our tutorial: Broadcast information on the Bitcoin blockchain, or watch Chris DeRose’s video: How can I vote in the Counterparty election? Finally, our community member, Joe Looney, released a new version of the XCP Wallet for Chrome, v0.2.0, which contains the broadcast feature. You can now vote for your favorite candidate using the browser extension.

Official Counterparty Forum Moved to This week we moved the official Counterparty forum to a new domain: There’s been an increasing number of interesting discussions and new users registering over the past few weeks, and we hope to make this the central place for the community to talk about all things Counterparty and Bitcoin. If you haven’t already, be sure to register on the forum, bookmark the site and share your thoughts with the community. The forum is also a great place to get support for Counterparty-related issues. We have a support category which is monitored by our support team and forum moderators. By reporting an issue on the forum you make the solution visible to other users who may be experiencing the same problem. That concludes our update for this week. If you have any questions you can contact us via our support channel, gitter, forum or github. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly updates via email.


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