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Counterparty Newsletter - November 2022

Check out some recent news below:

Community Updates updates The list has recently been updated. Feel free to browse and visit projects using Counterparty. You may find something new that interests you!

New additions this month include:

  1. Barnyard Club is the lightly curated directory for humble farmers on Counterparty looking to continue farming after the successful completion of Bitcorns as well as novice farmers looking to share art and experiences around the barn. Farming is important to everyone, so a low barrier to entry and excellent support for new or first time creators is an important part of our ethos. The Farmers Consortium may be calling the shots but the farmers that participate from around the world are the ones bringing the wholesome art as food and non-GMO produce direct to your table. Join us in the Barnyard and become a member of the Club.

  2. is an all-in-one platform for Rare Pepes, Fare Rares, Fake Commons and Dank Rares. It aims to be the center social hub of the Pepe community, providing easy-to-use tools for and frictionless Pepe exploring, buying or selling.

  3. NFT Relics Explorer provides information about sales and open offers of assets on XChain and OpenSea. It also features a timeline detailing creation of various NFT projects on multiple platforms including Counterparty

If your project isn’t there, and you’d like it to be added - please contact with a logo and a short description.

BLACKBOX tokens to support J-Dog into 2023 J-Dog has recently set up a new dispenser to support his continued full time focus on Counterparty through 2023:

  1. New block explorer

  2. Browser based mobile wallet

  3. Fresh and modern website

  4. Implement trusted dispensers

  5. Integration of a Virtual Machine into Counterparty

  6. Bugfixes and improvements to Counterparty

Donations of at least 0.001 (~$20) will receive a token from the dispenser to commemorate the donation and will also receive some airdrops rewards.

Upcoming Events

PepeX - London - 2nd November A Pepe exhibition and party incorporating all types of Pepes called PepeX will be hosted in London at the Old Brompton Gallery on 2nd November. Gallery opens 12noon, closes 6pm. An auction will be run by none other than Theo Goodman himself, followed by an afterparty until 9pm.

FAQs to help Watch out for a new resource coming soon to help newbies improve knowledge and provide answers to commonly asked questions. If you have any suggestions for questions, please drop us a line at

Development Updates updated - CIP25 Improvements Implementation The Enhanced Asset Information Specification (CIP25) has been implemented within This allows asset owners to specify contact information, multiple media types, DNS records and social media account details.

At the end of November 2022 will no longer display content of the HTML field without user consent - this is to reduce chances of a nefarious action being taken by the embedded HTML/javascript code.

Eclipse Wallet Beta! A new chrome extension Eclipse Wallet has entered beta. fabrique.xcp has developed an extension to work with Counterparty assets. Features currently include, import a wallet using a passphrase, import addresses using private keys, issue assets, review transactions and asset details directly from your browser.

At time of writing, the Chrome Extension store is still processing the submission, but if you’d like to see it in action there is a download and instructions available from Fabrique’s Github page:

CIPs exist to give the development and user community a voice in the future of Counterparty features. More info can be found at If you have a great idea for improving the Counterparty experience, please get in touch.

Community Hangouts

The October Counterparty Community Hangout was hosted on October 12. There were some useful discussions about getting started with development, and a number of developers are now dipping their toe into the world of Counterparty development. Information can be found at

J-Dog talks about a new block explorer in the works - which will be “coming soon”.

There was an interesting discussion with Darky from Dark Inc Studios about how he came to Counterparty and how he embraced the community spirit and extensive use of subassets. Darky also talks about his charity work and how he started out with NFTs.

You can listen to the recording here:

This month’s space will be hosted on November 9th @ 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 9pm UTC - follow the Counterparty Twitter at or join the Official Counterparty Chat on Telegram for announcements. Drop us a message if you have an exciting topic you want to discuss with developers or the community.

For any media inquiries contact

Please join the @Counterparty_XCP group on Telegram for breaking news and real-time Counterparty conversation!

Disclaimer: This newsletter is sent as an informational piece, and no part of it should be taken as financial advice.


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