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Counterparty Newsletter - August 2022

It’s been a while since the last newsletter. Check out some recent news below:

Community Updates

Coffeeparty - a global 24/7 party for coffee connoisseurs the world over Good news for those that like coffee.The first Counterparty-based COFFEEPARTY has been created by Rare Pepe News (@rarepepetrader). Having relocated his family from Sydney to Banyuwangi, East Java, he now has access to coffee beans direct from growers and specific varieties from around Indonesia.

All beans are selected by the Founder of COFFEEPARTY, Bradley C Hughes, in consultation with Master Roasters. The beans will initially be sourced from Java, Indonesia and roasted by Master Roaster Mr Emir Yusuf in Banyuwangi, East Java.

The price of admission to be one of the 100 Founding Members of the COFFEEPARTY is 0.01 BTC. This membership provides 60 x 200g packets of delicious coffee beans, providing a different roasted coffee bean every month over a maximum five year redemption period. You can choose to have between 1 and 5 packets per month, reducing your redemption period as you increase your coffee intake.

Each monthly packet frequency has its own shipping costs, which will be paid by purchasing the corresponding quantity of shipping tokens, with shipping token redemptions required monthly in advance. Shipping tokens will be issued per frequency, and per region, with shipping costs varying according to region/country.

Initial countries and regions supported are: Australia, EU - European Union, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States of America

For more information visit the telegram group here:

PHUNCHKIN drop 26th August The PHUNCHKIN community is by the people for the people. The opportunity to use your artistic talents in whatever way you choose is encouraged. Each month a theme is agreed upon for the new series. The PHUNCHKINS then go off and create based on the theme, 1 submission per artist is accepted unless it is part of a collaboration. Each submission is then voted on by the community and the ones with the most votes will be accepted into the series.

Get involved at or join the telegram group: updates The website is in the process of being updated with a list of updated and new projects. If your project isn’t there, and you’d like it to be added - please contact with a logo and a short description.

FAQs to help Don’t know your segwit from your metadata? Then watch out for a new resource coming soon to help newbies improve knowledge and provide answers to commonly asked questions.If you have any suggestions for questions, please drop us a line at

Counterparty in the news

Cryptoholics has a write up on Counterparty, how it works, and what you can use it for.

GQ Magazine - June 2022 - Article describing how to get into the NFT space - several notable artists’ work included in montage.

Development Updates

Fixes / Updates for the CounterpartyXCP/counterparty-lib implementation:

  1. Subasset ownership transfers will no longer fail

  2. Asset/subasset ownership transfers no longer fail from segwit addresses

  3. “*” no longer prepended to asset descriptions.

  4. Locking child asset without parent

  5. Forbidden SQL keywords now allowed in asset names

  6. Reduced bitcoin dust limit from 5640 to 546 sats for p2sh transactions

  7. Reduced data encoding fees on MPMA sends by a factor of 10x

A special thanks goes out to Windsok for spearheading the work to improve unit testing.

Counterparty Improvement Proposals (CIPs)

CIPs exist to give the development and user community a voice in the future of Counterparty features. More info can be found at  A couple of notable updates:

Reset Token & Divisibility Statuses (CIP-0003) is an improvement that allows owners of tokens to reset the issuance and divisibility if the asset owner holds all of the supply. It has now achieved 100% of its funding goal and will be included in the next release

Oracled Dispensers (CIP-0024) are imminent in the next release. These are dispensers/vending machines where you will be able to sell tokens for BTC, but price items in fiat (i.e. sell a card for $10 regardless of price of BTC)

Community Hangouts

Fancy getting together with the community and fellow developers? Have an interesting story to tell? Recently Counterparty community member Oliver Morris was featured on the weekly #DPmonday Twitter Space hosted by the Dogeparty  community. A recording of the August 8 #DPmonday is available.

Have any ideas for a topic? Drop a message here

For any media inquiries contact

Please join the @Counterparty_XCP group on Telegram for breaking news and real-time Counterparty conversation!

Disclaimer: This newsletter is sent as an informational piece, and no part of it should be taken as financial advice.


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