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Counterparty-lib 9.59.0 released!

Release Notes:

  1. Replaced indexd backend with addrindexrs

  2. Adjust minimum DEX BTC order amount to 0.00001 BTC

  3. Mempool parsing updates (temp fix for heavy mempool loads)

  4. Speed up parsing of blocks

  5. Simplified Bech32 check

  6. Fixed ParseTransactionError error handler

  7. Updated holders() to include escrowed dispenser funds

  8. Added support for subasset names in MPMA lists & dispensers

  9. Fixed MPMA transaction parsing

  10. Added 'dispenses' table to track dispense transactions

  11. Added support for creating dispensers on new/empty addresses

  12. Rebuilt Counterparty databases and bootstrap images

  13. Fixed issue with wrong tx_hash being parsed for segwit transactions

  14. Fixed issue with segwit dispensers not detecting payments

For those running a federated node:
cd federatednode/
fednode stop
git pull
sudo rm -f data/counterparty/counterparty.*
sudo rm -rf data/indexd
fednode uninstall
fednode install full master
fednode rebuild counterparty counterparty-testnet
View counterparty-lib 9.59.0 Release Notes


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