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Counterparty Development Update #3

It’s time for another development update to bring you up to speed with recent changes in the Counterparty project.

Added support for Multisignature Addresses in Counterwallet We have enabled full multisig support in Counterwallet. You can create multisignature addresses, view their balances, create transactions and sign them within the wallet. These features are currently available only in develop on testnet. Feel free to give them a try and report any bugs you encounter. We also added i18n support for the date/time picker. More about this feature can be found on GitHub, issue #583.

counterpartyd Development Here’s a list of all development in counterpartyd from this week:

  1. merged Counterparty Contracts code into ‘develop’ - Counterparty contracts branch has been merged into the ‘develop’ branch and is available to be used on testnet.

  2. removed the requirement for asset description and divisible option in the counterpartyd API when issuing new assets (description is by default set to an empty string, while the divisible option is set to True)

  3. removed the requirement for leverage in bets in the counterpartyd API, if the leverage option is not set it will default to 5040

  4. added required parameters in the API documentation and default values for not required parameters (#420)

  5. added examples for asset issuance in the API documentation

  6. fixed the Windows time zone bug (#407)

  7. tentatively scheduled mainnet numeric asset names for block 333000

  8. tentatively scheduled multisignature addresses on mainnet from block 333000

counterpartyd_build Development

  1. added addrindex=1 in bitcoin.conf

  2. cleaned up federated node build, removed unused options and insight building

  3. updated nginx to

Upcoming Releases We have a new release of counterpartyd - v9.47.0 planned for upcoming weeks, which will include the following features:

  1. free numeric asset names (protocol change: 332000)

  2. kickstart functionality

  3. better process‐locking

  4. improvements to documentation

  5. graceful shutdown of processes

  6. faster server startup

  7. support for jmcorgan Bitcoin Core fork for block explorer That summarizes the development updates for this week. If you want to contribute to Counterparty development and earn some XCP be sure to check out available bounties on BountySource. We also have several open bounties for Counterwallet translations, best place to check out those is on our forum thread. If you have any questions regarding recent or upcoming changes you can contact us via our support channel, forum or github.


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