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Counterparty Development Update #2

What an exciting week at Counterparty! We have a lot of development updates to share, so let’s get started.

Added Ethereum Smart Contract Features As announced on our site and across the web, we have successfully ported Ethereum Project’s programming language and virtual machine over to the Counterparty platform and enabled the execution of Turing Complete Ethereum code directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. The implementation passed 100% of pyethereum’s contract execution integration tests and is ready to be used on Bitcoin testnet. Transition to mainnet will be entirely backwards-compatible and after thorough testing become available with a particular block number. Counterparty Contracts are hosted on GitHub, while the technical documentation will soon be added to the counterpartyd README file. (Please note that the documentation will be updated with examples and explanations as we more forward).

Implemented the Creation of No-Fee ‘Human-Unreadable’ Asset Names As announced in the last Development update, our priority for this week was to enable the creation of ‘human-unreadable’ asset names whose registration is free. This feature has been implemented and is currently available on testnet. For more information on this feature check out our discussion on GitHub.

Added BountySource Support to GitHub Repositories We have integrated BountySource with all our GitHub repositories enabling anyone to create a bounty on a bug or a feature they want to see resolved, or to fix/implement the issue and claim the bounty. Below each issue on GitHub you can find a link to the bounty, while all issues currently available on BountySouce can be found on the Counterparty team issues page. In order to filter issues according to the specific repository on GitHub (Conterwallet, counterpartyd, etc.) use the Advanced Search and select the repository from the drop-down menu.

counterpartyd Version 9.46 counterpartyd version 9.46 is currently available in develop with the following changes:

  1. New consensus hashes, with tx_info and consensus version

  2. Coveralls support

  3. Rewrite of README

  4. Better multi‐sig address handling

  5. Multi‐sig change

  6. Use new process‐locking mechanism

  7. Use GitHub Pages for hosting minimum version information

  8. Bump versions of dependencies

  9. Miscellaneous clean up

Other Changes and Fixes Here’s a list of other changes and fixes across all repositories implemented this week:


  1. Added notice that BTC-trading has been turned off

  2. Enabled Czech support

  3. Added notice on buying XCP

  4. Fixed log-out


  1. Fixed a bug in python3.4 Crypto/Cipher/ which resulted in the “'int' does not support the buffer interface” error (#375)

  2. Removed python-coveralls dependency due to issues with Windows build

  3. Added socket process lock (#411)

  4. Added exit from server (#79)


  1. Added deletion of .lock file if it exists on restart/start via runit

  2. Added addrindex bitcoind branch in the federated node build

  3. Added lockfile checking in (counterpartyd_build)

  4. Added Bootstrap Database download progress indicator and reduced the bootstrap size to 100MB #131

Planned Development for Next Week Currently planned for next week is updating the API documentation with an example payload for a ‘create_issuance’ request. More about this issue can be found on GitHub (#420). We also plan to implement Russian language support in Counterwallet as soon as we receive finished and reviewed translation. If you want to help translate Counterwallet check out our translation bounties on the Counterwallet Transifex page. That summarizes the development updates for this week. If you have any questions regarding recent or upcoming changes you can contact us via our support channel, forum or github.


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