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Counterparty Development Update #12: Improving Counterwallet, Documentation Development & Dev Progress

This week our main focus was on improving Counterwallet experience by fixing GUI issues, preparing new documentation and tutorials, testing the reference client and build scripts, and implementing new unit tests. As the developers work on getting Counterparty components ready for the next release (v9.49.4), the documentation team is updating the current documentation and writing new tutorials to help users navigate through the various features available in Counterwallet. We will soon launch a new, up to date, documentation on our website and will be adding text and video based tutorials as we move along. Details about the documentation will be revealed in our upcoming blog posts. For now, let’s look at some of the changes implemented in our code this week.


  1. Added new fixtures for integration testing

  2. Added new unit tests

  3. Corrected and Improved Coveralls Configuration

  4. Included branch coverage

  5. Correctly sourced RC file

  6. Correctly excluded counterpartylib/test/

  7. Removed redundant option show-missing

  8. Included comment linking to relevant docs.

  9. Fixed Foreign Key Error with Hard-Coded Burns when Reparsing #600

  10. Fixed counterparty-server kickstart error: name 'args' is not defined #636

  11. Removed Obsolete ‘Block Explorer’ Connection Logic

  12. Removed Connecting to Backend for Kickstart #638.

  13. Fixed API get_tx_info Method; Log API Server Start #352.

  14. Added optional block_index arg to get_tx_info() - needed for the kickstart

  15. Added new fixtures for testing bets

  16. Prepared for Repository Rename; Updated ChangeLog - GitHub Pages links don’t redirect on repository renames, so the version check function has to look for the list of protocol changes in two different places in preparation for the move.

  17. Excluded kickstart reparse step from the main SQL transaction - Making it possible to reusetransactions table if there is a bug on reparse.

  18. Removed Extra Config Options XCP_CLIENT and BTC_CLIENT

  19. Included test_book in CI #642.


  1. Updated install command

  2. fixed import bug

  3. generate server config file from old counterpartyd config file if exists

  4. generate server config file from Bitcoin Core config file if exists

  5. generate client config file from counterparty-server config file


  1. Removed double connection checking

  2. Added opening the ‘change label’ popup on address click

  3. Added display of the full multisig address

  4. Fixed ‘Select another pair’ field alignment #667

  5. Fixed the issue with third pubkey field visibility #639

  6. Removed QR code from multisig addresses

  7. Fixed the issue with changing address colors and colapsing #644

  8. Fixed the issue with no ‘Remove Address’ option #646

  9. Disabled ‘Create New Address’ while working #657 That covers our development updates for this week. If you have any questions regarding recent or upcoming changes you can contact us via our support channel, forum or github. In order to stay up to date with our progress subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page and receive weekly updates via email.


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