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Counterparty Core v10.0.0 Released!

Counterparty Core v10.0.0 is a very large release comprising many improvements across different portions of the codebase. “Counterparty Core” is also the new name for the codebase and repository that is the result of a merge between counterparty-lib, counterparty-cli and a new Rust library, counterparty-rs.

Upgrade Procedure

This release does not include any protocol changes, so there is no deadline for upgrading. However it is strongly recommended that all users upgrade as soon as possible, in particular to avoid consensus problems due to non-determinism in previous versions. The Counterparty Core API is also unchanged for this release.

Because this release includes numerous changes to the database schema, a full database rebuild is required and the major version number has been bumped from 9 to 10. Follow the updated installation instructions in the README to download and install the latest version of Counterparty Core, run counterparty-server kickstart (while bitcoind is not running), then start the server with counterparty-server start. The rebuild should happen automatically, and it should take between 8 and 24 hours to complete.

IMPORTANT Be certain that you are running the latest version of AddrIndexRs (v0.4.6).



  • Upgrade from Python 3.7 to Python >= 3.10

  • Support Ubuntu 22.04 and macOS officially

  • Upgrade packaging system: replace with pyproject.toml and use Hatchling as a build system

  • Upgrade all pip dependencies to the latest available version

  • Rename counterparty-lib repository to counterparty-core. NOTE: The normal redirect for GitHub URLs cannot be implemented.

  • Merge the counterparty-cli repository into the counterparty-core repository

  • Add Rust library, counterparty-rs, for performance-critical code

  • Synchronize versions of counterparty-rs, counterparty-lib and counterparty-cli

  • Update URL for hosting bootstrap files to*

  • Update URL for hosting notifications for protocol changes to

Documentation and Testing

  • Fix test suite, with automated builds on supported operating systems

  • Add GitHub Workflows for building, testing and running automated code scanners:

  • PyLint

  • Bandit

  • CodeQL

  • License Scanner

  • Build and publish Docker image

  • Enable testnet test book

  • Test docker-compose.yml in Google Compute Engine VM

  • Add checkpoints for mainnet up to block 837,000 and for testnet up to block 2,580,000

  • Rewrite README

Stability and Correctness

  • Fix multiple sources of non-determinism caused by generic exception handling

  • Fix source of non-determinism in AddrIndexRs caused by txid_limit and get_oldest_tx

  • Fix consensus break due to missing support for segwit transactions in kickstart logic

  • Fix crash in software version checking caused by a format change of protocol_changes.json


  • Rewrite Dockerfile and publish new official Docker images

  • Create Docker Compose file as an alternative to Federated Node

  • Change default bitcoind user from bitcoinrpc to rpc

  • Change default port for communication with AddrIndexRs to 8432 (and 81432 for testnet)

Command-Line Interface

  • Disable console logs except for with counterparty-server start

  • Show fancy spinners for all discrete operations

  • Rename checkdb command to check-db and refactor

  • Rename debugconfig to show-config; clean up output

  • Don't log values for transactions except with --verbose (for performance)

  • Move noisy log messages to DEBUG

  • Always log to a file, unless --no-log-files is set

  • Fix and refactor log.set_up()

  • Improve thread shutdown logic

  • Accept config args before and after the command

  • New flag --json-log, which replaces the human-readable logs in the console with the streaming content of the messages table in JSON format

Refactoring and Performance Optimizations

  • Rewrite kickstart, splitting work across two Python processes using shared memory and queue for communication

  • Activate write-ahead-log in SQLite and implement apsw.best_practices(), improving performance and fixing crashes from deadlocks

  • Fix database version checking which launches a rebuild instead of a rollback / reparse

  • Add numerous missing database indexes

  • Fix collisions between existing database indexes

  • DRY and refactor database index creation

  • DRY and isolate all SQL queries in

  • Refactor log.messages and log.log heavily

  • Add additional fields and rows in the messages table (the messages hash will change)

  • Fix database integrity check and re-include assert conservation check

  • Migrate to log-structured database for simpler and faster rollback and reparse

  • Add block_index field to the balances table

  • Remove all UPDATE queries—use the ledger.insert_update() function, which adds a new row with a new block_index

  • Update all SELECT queries—always use MAX(rowid)

  • Remove the undolog completely

  • Implement rollback and reparse by deleting table rows using the block_index field

  • Migrate performance-critical logic to Rust library, counterparty-rs

  • b58_encode() and b58_decode()

  • script_to_asm()

  • script_to_address()

  • inverse_hash()

  • Refactor connection logic for AddrIndexRs RPC

  • Pre-fetch blocks with multiple threads for start

  • DRY and refactor get_tx_info*() functions

  • Isolate transaction parsing inside module

  • Heavily refactor code; eliminate unused code blocks

  • Isolate dispenser logic in get_dispensers_outputs() and get_dispensers_tx_info()

  • Change software version check interval to 24 hours

  • Add the possibility to reparse from a given block on minor version change

  • Add warning with confirmation dialogue to bootstrap command, and --no-confirm flag

  • Add REST endpoints optimized for tables that were altered during the migration to a log-structured database:

  • GET /addresses/<address>/balances

  • GET /assets/<asset>/

  • GET /assets/<asset>/balances

  • GET /assets/<asset>/orders

  • GET /orders/<tx_hash>

  • GET /orders/<tx_hash>/matches

  • Adjust the error message for when a user has an insufficient BTC balance but the unconfirmed flag has already been passed


  • Ouziel Slama

  • Adam Krellenstein

  • Warren Puffett

  • Matt Marcello


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