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Counterparty Community Update, Oct 31: Announcing the Official Slack Channel & CIP

Over the past two years we’ve witnessed Counterparty open the door for the realization of numerous projects and pioneer the evolution of the Bitcoin 2.0 technology. However, being fully community-driven, Counterparty wouldn’t have been able to reach its milestones if it wasn’t for the loyal support of every member in the community. For this reason, it is important we ensure continuous growth, collaboration and constructive communication within our community by providing channels where people can exchange ideas and gather information about the ecosystem. So far, our official communication platforms have been the Counterparty forum, which has proven to be an excellent support and asynchronous communication site, and Gitter, which was supposed to serve as the official chat room. However, since Gitter requires one to have a GitHub account and the forum doesn’t provide real time communication, we’ve decided to establish a new and moderated chat room which anyone can join and contribute to. We’re happy to announce the official Counterparty Slack channel as the place to share skills, knowledge, ideas, interests and chat about all things Counterparty, and would like to invite everyone interested to join us at Besides the #general chat room you see when you first sign up, there’s also #support, #indiesquare-wallet, #projects, #spec-proposal and #water-cooler channels everyone is welcomed to join and contribute to.  We hope to see this become a central place for the Counterparty community to communicate, collaborate and grow. In other news from the team this week, we’re happy to report we’ve had some good and consistent development progress and continue to allocate resources to the improvement of Counterwallet. Further, Devon Weller, the Counterparty Foundation community director, started the Counterparty Improvement Proposal (CIP) process with the first version CIP-01 being published on GitHub. That concludes our update for this week. If you have any questions you can contact us via our Slack, forum or github. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly updates via email.


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