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Counterparty Community Update, November 3rd

We’re happy to announce that as of this week we’ll be publishing regular community updates on our website in order to address key points in Counterparty development and share the efforts and the hard work of our thriving community. First of all, we would like to thank everyone involved in the Counterparty project for their contributions so far. As a community driven project, Counterparty wouldn't have been able to reach its milestones if it weren’t for the creative ideas and collaboration of its community members. We have covered a lot of ground in a very short period, and although there is a lot more work ahead of us, we can be proud of what we have accomplished so far. There is a lot of valuable information published across all our community channels, and some of the information may get lost in the fog or be hard to find among the increasingly high number of threads and comments. For this reason, every week we will outline some of the articles, threads and updates that will help you find your way to good, solid information about the Counterparty project.

Statement in Response to SEC Rumors There has been a lot of confusion in the past week regarding US Securities Exchange Commission sending out letters to crypto-companies. The Counterparty team has addressed this issue, and our response can be found on several articles published in the past week, including: Crypto 2.0 Industry Dismisses SEC Crackdown Rumors and BitBeat: Bitcoin 2.0 Companies Respond to SEC Rumor: We’re Clean. However, we would like to reemphasize our response and clear up any misunderstandings in regards to SEC rumors.

" The Counterparty Team has not received a letter . Counterparty is an open-source software project, and we have never received or handled any user funds or property. The software that we develop, like all capable software, may be used for both legitimate and illegitimate purposes. We do not condone the creation of unregistered securities on the Counterparty network, but we have no control over their issuance. XCP is not a security; it is a currency that was created by individual users' destroying bitcoins, the same way that Bitcoin miners expend energy in mining."

Social Media Growth Our social media channels have been full of activity in the past week. We have "re-activated" our Facebook and LinkedIn pages and are seeing a steady growth in the number of followers. We also created an official Google+ page, so if you're active on Google+ be sure to follow us there. Here's a list of all our social media channels: TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedInReddit Our forums are being stacked up with threads filled with valuable information and creative ideas. If you haven't already, please join our discussions at: Counterparty ForumCounterparty BitcoinTalk Official Thread

From the Web Counterparty has received a lot of attention in the media the last couple of weeks. For those of you who missed it, here are some links to get you up to date: CryptoCoinsNews - Overstock’s medici partner counterparty announces counterparty foundation Let's Talk Bitcoin- Investing in Fantasy Is Reality! BitcoinWarrior - A Talk with Adam Krellenstein of Counterparty YouTube - Patrick Byrne: Bitcoin Will Immensely Disrupt Financial Industry Wall Street Journal - BitBeat: The Promise (and Limits) of Overstock’s Crypto Stock Exchange CoinDesk - Crypto 2.0 Roundup: Bits of Bullion, a Foundation for Counterparty and Medici Goes to Washington CoinDesk - Crypto 2.0 Industry Dismisses SEC Crackdown Rumors Wall Street Journal - BitBeat: Bitcoin 2.0 Companies Respond to SEC Rumor: We’re Clean BitcoinTalk - conference call transcript from Oct. 23 Upstart Business Journal - bitcoin partner embraces 'Foundation' status Bitcoin Magazine - Counterparty and the Asset Revolution

From the Community A lot of valuable information is being published daily by our community members, and the best way to keep up to date with those is to join our forums, skype group and social media channels. For this week's summary, we chose the following: Top Counterparty Projects - Our forum thread dedicated to discussing most exciting projects built on top of Counterparty. Novel uses for Counterparty - Another forum thread discussing possible uses of Counterparty features.

Development updates We are happy to announce we will soon start publishing regular development updates on our website. Those updates will serve to inform you about the Counterparty development progress, outline what has been done in terms of development in the past week and summarize our plans for the next iteration.

Support Updates Our support team has been busy writing new documentation and resolving emerging issues on our support channel We published three new support articles as a response to your questions and updated an existing one explaining how to use the private key to import funds from an external address: Can asset holders have voting rights? If no more XCP is created, and XCP is burned on asset creation - won't the supply eventually run out? How to use Private Key to import BTC funds from external address to Counterwallet address? Manual BTC Sell-ing with counterpartyd As we move forward, we will try to address all your concerns and questions regarding Counterparty technology, tools or projects, either through our support channel, or via a separate blog post. Therefore, feel free to ask questions, express your opinions and join our discussion. That's all for now. Stay tuned for our next community update and be sure to follow our weekly progress on our social media channels.


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