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Counterparty Community Update, November 19th

It’s time for another community update, and this week we have a lot to share.

From the Team On Monday we held an AMA on Bitcoin subreddit and we take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated and with their questions helped us explain the Counterparty technology and its use. In case you missed the AMA you can check out the discussion on r/Bitcoin. We will publish a separate post with top 10 Q&A from the AMA later this week, so stay tuned for that.

From the Web With the Counterparty Contracts announcement last week there has been a lot of mention of Counterparty across the web. Here are some of the most relevant sources: Wall Street Journal - BitBeat: Bitcoin 2.0 Firm Counterparty Adopts Ethereum’s Software CNBC - Forget currency, bitcoin's tech is the revolution IEET - Counterparty/Ethereum: Why Bitcoin topped $450 today (was under $350 last week) CoinDesk - Counterparty Ignites Debate With Ethereum Software Integration CryptoCoinNews - Ethereum Cloning: Ethereum Comments, Counterparty Responds Brave New Coin - Counterparty Is Fast Becoming The Go To For Bitcoin Finance CoinTelegraph - Counterparty Adds Ethereum Smart Contract Features CryptoCoinNews - Counterparty Recreates Ethereum On Bitcoin CoinSetter - Counterparty Jumps After Recreating Ethereum’s Smart Contract Platform CoinTelegraph - Weekend Roundup: Bitcoin Processing for SMEs, The Counterparty/Ethereum Partnership, and Ukraine Takes a Stance on Digital Currencies

From the Community Once again our forums and social media channels have been filled with interesting discussions and innovative ideas. This week we chose to share the following threads: Counterparty Recreates Ethereum’s Smart Contract Platform on Bitcoin - our forum discussion dedicated to sharing resources and news about the smart contract technology List of Open Counterparty bounties - fourm thread with an up-to-date list of open Counterparty bounties. counterpartyd v9.45.0 released & how to update - useful resource on updating counterpartyd Node Incentivization with Counterparty Smart Contracts Platform - another forum discussion on Counterparty Smart Contracts feature

Development Updates The biggest update last week was adding Ethereum Smart Contract Features. We are working on providing a comprehensive development guide for both the Counterparty Contracts and other Counterparty technology uses. As soon as we have one ready we’ll publish it in the Developers section on our website. Other development updates include the implementation of no-fee asset names, adding the BountySouce support to our GitHub repositories and launching the new version of counterpartyd. For a full list of recent changes in our products check out our last week’s Development Update.

Support Updates From support we have three new knowledge base articles: What is addrindex and why is it necessary?Bitcoind v0.92 with addrindex patch (Windows 2012 R2 and Ubuntu 14.04)Counterparty Federated Node and counterpartyd with Bitcoin-Qt and addrindex Patch That concludes our community update for this week. We have some more exciting announcements coming up this week, so stay tuned!


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