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Counterparty Community Update, Nov 25th

November 25, 2014 As November is coming to an end, we decided to take this opportunity and look back at everything we accomplished as a community in the last 30 days. Instead of our regular weekly update, today we’re bringing you a monthly recap of all the exciting news and activities involving our team, our technology and our community.

From the Team We started off by hiring a General Manager, Ivana Zuber, to help with everyday business development, marketing, product management, and support activities. We also opened a new position - Generalist Software Developer and are actively looking for a candidate to join our team. This position is still available, so if you think you have the skills and the knowledge, or know someone who does, be sure to contact Adam at Next, we put out a 125 XCP bounty for the Counterwallet Russian translation. If you'd like to perform this task, please apply to the Russian language section on Transifex as a translator. The first person that completes the translation will receive 100 XCP while the first person that completes the review of the translation will receive 25 XCP. Another exciting event this month was the celebration of the 100,000th transaction on the Counterparty network. On November 11th, we reached this major milestone and are seeing an increasing number of transactions on a daily basis. We would like to thank our community once again for all their support and contribution, for taking part in our mission to become the world’s most advanced peer-to-peer financial platform. Finally, on November 17th we held an AMA on the Bitcoin subreddit and had a great time discussing all things Counterparty. Summary of the AMA can be found in our Top 10 Q&A post, so in case you missed our answers be sure to check out that post.

From the Web With all the recent news and announcements there has been a lot of mention of Counterparty across the web. For those who missed our weekly updates, here is a list of the most relevant Counterparty articles from news outlets: CryptoCoinsNews - Overstock’s medici partner counterparty announces counterparty foundation Wall Street Journal - BitBeat: The Promise (and Limits) of Overstock’s Crypto Stock Exchange Upstart Business Journal - bitcoin partner embraces 'Foundation' status Wall Street Journal - Bitcoin 2.0 Firm Counterparty Adopts Ethereum’s Software Venture Beat - The 2 biggest emerging opportunities in cryptocurrency CNBC - Forget currency, bitcoin's tech is the revolution IEET - Counterparty/Ethereum: Why Bitcoin topped $450 today (was under $350 last week) CoinDesk - Counterparty Ignites Debate With Ethereum Software Integration CryptoCoinNews - Ethereum Cloning: Ethereum Comments, Counterparty Responds Brave New Coin - Counterparty Is Fast Becoming The Go To For Bitcoin Finance CoinTelegraph - Counterparty Adds Ethereum Smart Contract Features CryptoCoinNews - Counterparty Recreates Ethereum On Bitcoin CoinSetter - Counterparty Jumps After Recreating Ethereum’s Smart Contract Platform Bitcoin Business - Three Reasons Why Counterparty is good for Bitcoin & Ethereum CoinBrief - It’s About the Blockchain, Not Bitcoin CryptoCoinNews - THE MARCH OF COUNTERPARTY – HIGHLIGHTS FROM REDDIT AMA

From the Community Our forums and social media channels have seen a steady growth in the number of followers and discussions, with a lot of valuable information being published daily by our community members. If you haven’t already, be sure to join our forum at and follow us on social media to be up to date with the latest Counterparty news. For the monthly summary, we chose the following community discussions: Top Counterparty Projects - forum thread dedicated to discussing most exciting projects built on top of Counterparty. Novel uses for Counterparty - forum thread discussing possible uses of Counterparty features. XCP Price Speculation - discussion about XCP price speculation Private keys import and export - explanation of using private key import/export functions in Counterwallet Counterparty Recreates Ethereum’s Smart Contract Platform on Bitcoin - our forum discussion dedicated to sharing resources and news about the smart contract technology List of Open Counterparty bounties - forum thread with an up-to-date list of open Counterparty bounties. Node Incentivization with Counterparty Smart Contracts Platform - forum discussion on Counterparty Smart Contracts feature Is Counterparty ideal for sending small amounts of bitcoin around? - forum thread discussing Counterparty transactions Decentralized Trustless Sentinels - discussion on Counterparty broadcast feature Would a "Validate asset" feature in Counterwallet be useful? - discussion on adding asset validation in Counterwallet Counterparty 2015 - Reddit thread on r/Bitcoin packed with interesting discussions on Counterparty Question about how smart contracts work - Reddit thread on r/CounterpartyXCP discussing smart contracts

Development Updates Without a doubt, the most exciting news this month came from our development team. There has been a lot of innovation and progress, both in terms of protocol development and software feature implementation. Here’s a quick summary of November development updates:

  1. Added Ethereum Smart Contract Features - we have successfully ported Ethereum Project’s programming language and virtual machine over to the Counterparty platform and enabled the execution of Turing Complete Ethereum code directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. The implementation passed 100% of pyethereum’s contract execution integration tests and is ready to be used on Bitcoin testnet.

  2. Implemented the Creation of No-Fee ‘Human-Unreadable’ Asset Names - We enabled the creation of ‘human-unreadable’ asset names whose registration is free. This feature is currently available on counterpartyd and Counterwallet testnet (develop).

  3. Added support for Multisignature Addresses in Counterwallet - We have enabled full multisig support in Counterwallet. You can create multisignature addresses, view their balances, create transactions and sign them within the wallet. These features are currently available only in develop on testnet.

  4. Added BountySource Support to GitHub Repositories - We have integrated BountySource with all our GitHub repositories. Below each issue on GitHub you can find a link to the bounty while all issues currently available on BountySouce can be found on the Counterparty team issues page.

  5. Enabled Czech and Chinese support in Counterwallet - Counterwallet now supports Chinese and Czech, and we are working on adding several more languages soon.

  6. Disabled web-wallet BTC trading - After consulting with the community we have disabled BTC trading in Counterwallet to better focus our efforts on developing a novel trading system. For more information about this change read our Development Update.

  7. Removed Buy XBTC option from Counterwallet - As requested by, we have disabled Buy XBTC option in Counterwallet. For news about this update follow our forum thread Quick Buy Update from

  8. Added coveralls support in counterpartyd for test coverage and statistics

  9. Improved our API documentation

  10. Released new version of counterpartyd - v9.46

  11. Added Bootstrap Database download progress indicator in counterpartyd_build and reduced the bootstrap size to 100MB

Support Updates Our support team has been busy writing new documentation and resolving emerging issues on our support channel. We have 13 new support articles and are working on a comprehensive Developers Guide, which will contain all the information about Counterparty technology and software. Here’s a list of the recent knowledge base articles: Can asset holders have voting rights? If no more XCP is created, and XCP is burned on asset creation - won't the supply eventually run out? How to use Private Key to import BTC funds from external address to Counterwallet address? Manual BTC Sell-ing with counterpartyd Why can I no longer trade to and from BTC in Counterwallet?. Counterpartyd doesn't work on testnet with my Federated Node setup - why? Counterparty and Bitcoin-Qt on Mainnet and Testnet Manual BTC Sell-ing on the Counterparty Distributed Exchange (DEx) using counterpartyd Can I use pybtc tool with counterpartyd to sign a transaction? How many BTC were burned, how many XCP created and how many are there now? What is addrindex and why is it necessary? Bitcoind v0.92 with addrindex patch (Windows 2012 R2 and Ubuntu 14.04) Counterparty Federated Node and counterpartyd with Bitcoin-Qt and addrindex Patch That concludes our monthly update. As we move forward, we will continue to provide weekly community and developer updates and keep you up to date with all the news and changes involving our project. Therefore, be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter at the bottom of this page to receive these updates via email.


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