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Counterparty Community Update, Jan 28: New Documentation System, Preparing for v9.49.4 Release & More

It’s time for another community update to bring you up to speed with recent developments in the Counterparty project. This week we had our hands full with documentation development, code reorganization and new product version preparations. Let’s take a look at all the news from Counterparty from the past seven days.

From the Team Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who participated in the Counterparty Foundation giveaway campaign and showed their support. The first batch of XCP and Counterparty store coupon codes have been sent to our new members. The campaign is still live, so grab this chance to become a community supporter, get free XCP and wear the Counterparty colors! Secondly, we released a new documentation system on our website. For the past few weeks the team has been working hard on developing easily maintainable and publicly editable documentation. As we’ve reported in our previous community updates, we had all our documentation ported to GitHub Wikis. However, due to lack of notifications, search functions and access restrictions, we realized GitHub Wiki doesn’t suit all of our needs. For this reason, we decided to modify the site and publish all of our documentation there. After complete code reorganization of the site, we are now able to offer an up-to-date documentation system directly on The documentation files are hosted on GitHub in our Documentation repository and are being converted to HTML and displayed in the Docs section. Everyone is free to submit pull requests and help fix the existing documentation, or write new Community Howtos and Tutorials. Each documentation page on our site has an ‘Edit on GitHub’ link which takes you to the original file on GitHub where you can make changes and PRs. Besides re-organizing and moving our documentation, we have been working on developing new tutorials, how-tos and up to date instructions. We have a lot of new documentation on the site, and much more to come, so be sure to bookmark that page for your future reference as this will be the main and only official Counterparty documentation. As of today, the documentation on the GitHub wiki will no longer be available; it has been copied over to the Documentation repository and can be accessed through As we develop new tutorials and manuals we will notify you in our community posts.

From the Community We’re seeing a steady growth in the number of social media followers and forum members. If you’d like to discuss Counterparty with our community or have any questions, join us in the channels listed below.

  1. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Reddit.

  2. Join our discussions on our official forum and BitcoinTalk.

  3. Chat with us: End Users/General & Developers/Technical

  4. Receive updates via email: Counterparty currently has two free, low-volume mailing lists (Community & Developer). Subscribe here

Development Updates As announced in our last development update, we’ve been working hard on preparing the next version release: v9.49.4. This includes thorough testing, build script adjusting and documentation developing. Important notes about the new version can be found here, while the detailed information about the release will be published in our upcoming development update posts. The release is scheduled to go live in a few days. All our foundation members will receive notifications and instructions via SMS and email. Everyone else, please stay tuned for the development update posts. That concludes our update for this week. In order to stay up to date with our community, subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page and receive weekly updates via email.


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