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Counterparty Community Update, Jan 14: Hackathon Win, Counterwallet FAQ, Dev Updates & More

We are continuing with great development progress, talking to various business about their Counterparty integration, working on some exciting upcoming announcements and much more. In summary, here’s what we’ve been up to this week.

From the Community We’re happy to report that our Community Director, Chris Derose, won the first prize in the Miami Bitcoin Hackathon held last weekend. Chris and his team developed a rails application named OpiDoki to facilitate GUI-based oracle broadcasts. The OpiDoki app provides a user-friendly gui for broadcasting truth, onto the Bitcoin blockchain with Counterparty. The "truth" is determined by opening an url, at a defined time, and executing javascript against the loaded page. The return value is broadcast onto the network and available for resolving smart contracts, or bets. You can see the application in action on YouTube or check out the code on GitHub. In other news from the community, we have a new exchange accepting XCP - ALTS-Trade and an interesting new project built on Counterparty - BitnPlay.

Development Updates In order to separate the responsibilities and decrease dependencies of our components we have completed a major reorganization of our code and GitHub repositories. Our first step was to split the server and client functions and move all commands to counterparty-cli. counterparty-cli is a command line interface for counterparty-lib which has three dependencies: Python 3, counterparty-lib and Bitcoin Core. The counterparty-cli repository is hosted on GitHub, while the documentation will soon become available on our Wiki. More information about this change will be shared in our upcoming development update.

Support Updates For our this week’s support updates we would like to share with you some common issues and workarounds for accessing Counterwallet.

No login prompt, Counterwallet stuck loading If you encounter an issue when login into Counterwallet, please make sure you are using a supported browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome). Empty your browser cache, restart the browser (or start Private/Incognito mode) and try again.

Correct passphrase, "disappeared" addresses ("empty wallet"): You may need to "reassociate" your addresses with the wallet. it's a simple operation described in our KB article. If you get prompted to (again) accept End User License Agreement, that's most likely because the wallet software was upgraded and it doesn't "remember" that you logged on before. Accept the license and proceed.

Logged in, but Counterwallet is not responding properly It could be a misbehaving browser add-on (plugin, extension). Use Chrome or Firefox in Incognito (Private) Mode to make sure no plugins are loaded and then access In case you enabled some extensions in Private Mode, disable them. In case that does not solve the problem, load JavaScript console to collect debug information. For more information read our support article. Sometimes emptying browser cache ("local storage") helps with these problems as well.

Error codes in the wallet appear after successful logon (API error codes, timeouts, "?" in place of balance, etc.) You can also try to access our beta wallet site ( to see if it's a site- or version-specific problem. Sometimes these are caused by high load on the servers or software upgrades, in which case you can try later.

"Wrong" passphrase, cannot log in Passphrases have 12 words in particular order. If Counterwallet responds and claims the passphrase entered is not correct, check the number of words, their spelling and order in which you entered them. Common scenarios are described in this KB article: In other updates from our support team, you might be interested in our new Knowledge-Base article: How to reparse counterblock database? That concludes our update for this week. We have some exciting announcements coming up, so stay tuned for that! In order to stay up to date with our community, subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page and receive weekly updates via email.


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