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Counterparty Community Update, Dec 10

This week we had our hands full with the Foundation launch and major development updates. Let’s take a look at all the news from Counterparty from the past seven days.

From the Team The Counterparty Foundation Membership is gaining traction, and we once again thank everyone who registered to become a member. We published a new post on the Foundation blog explaining the benefits of each members tier: Counterparty Foundation Membership Benefits. As we move forward and gain feedback from the community, we will update the list with new benefits and notify all existing members. In order to stay up to date with all Foundation news you can follow the Foundation on social media at:

From the Community There was some exciting news from the community this week. In a joint effort, the community was able to raise 110 XCP for the development of a powerball lottery smart contact logic. What started as a 20 XCP bounty was recognized as a great initiative and backed by other members of the community. The smart contract logic has already been developed and can be found on GitHub - ethereum-powerball. The review of the code can be found here. It’s great to see this kind of support for the development of additional features built on the Counterparty platform, and we hope to see an increasing number of such initiatives going forward. In other news from the community, we had some interesting forum discussions:

  1. 3d Artwork Ideas - another great initiative to create custom Counterparty 3D artwork. If you have some art ideas be sure to post them on the forum thread.

  2. People still buying MAIDSAFE? - discussion on the scam MAIDSAFE coin issued on Counterparty. (Please be aware that the MAIDSAFE coin on Counterparty is not associated with the Maidsafe project)

  3. How to "watch' Counterparty addresses - tips on how to set up Counterparty address monitoring

  4. List of all XCP assets - post on BitcoinTalk listing some interesting Counterparty assets Finally, the Counterparty Foundation Community Director, Chris Derose, has been busy making short Counterparty videos, each designed to answer a specific question. There are many more videos planned for the upcoming weeks, and as always we would love to get community feedback. If you have some ideas, or would like to see a specific question be tackled in these videos, be sure to drop us a line on the forums, Skype chats or social media. Here’s what Chris has come up with so far:

Development Updates As announced in our last week’s development update, Counterparty released some exciting new features:

  1. As of block 333500 (reached on December 9th) we enabled multisignature address and free asset name support in counterpartyd and Counterwalet.

  2. We released new client versions v9.47.0 and v9.47.1 (Important! Due to a security issue we had to push version v9.48.0 immediately. More on this update can be found on our forum thread and will be further explained in the upcoming development update. For now just note that this upgrade is mandatory).

Support Updates Our support team was busy resolving emerging issues and providing guidance with recent client updates. Here’s a list of most relevant support articles and threads from the past week. Support articles:

  1. appears to have a requirement that's not standard on Ubuntu 14.04That concludes our update for this week. In order to stay up to date with our community, subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page and receive weekly updates via email.


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