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Counterparty and Overstock to create decentralized stock exchange

Today, in a keynote address at Inside Bitcoins Las Vegas, CEO Patrick Byrne announced a partnership with Counterparty on a project code-named Medici, a front-end and portal to the decentralized stock exchange of the Counterparty platform. Our shared goal is to build a cutting-edge stock market on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, and help Bitcoin do for Wall Street what it has already begun to do for payments. This endeavor is already in motion and moving quickly. Both Robby Dermody and Evan Wagner have relocated to Utah to work on Medici, while Adam Krellenstein will continue working full-time on the Counterparty protocol itself. The Counterparty project is continuing to grow very rapidly, hiring new developers and building out new projects within the ecosystem, such as Medici itself. Our partnership with Overstock marks a major milestone in the history of Counterparty, which has emerged as the preeminent Bitcoin 2.0 platform and the future of cryptosecurities technology. We thank our community for its generous support, are honored to have and Patrick Byrne as partners, and are eager to take the next steps together toward the creation of a free, democratic, and global marketplace.


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