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Community Update Jan 17th: Sending out Community Voting Tokens, 13 New Exciting Counterparty Integrations in the Works

We’re happy to report we’ve sent out the DEVPARTY voting tokens to the community to vote in the Devparty contest a month from now. Community vote tokens were sent to the last unique active addresses, counted up until block 386200, with each address getting three tokens.  Voting will start on February 9th and last for 7 days during which time the two judging panels will select winners. Judging will be done by two separate groups. The first group is comprised of seven judges appointed by the Counterparty Foundation:

  1. Ivana Zuber: Counterparty General Manager

  2. Robby Dermody: Counterparty Co-founder; Symbiont

  3. Robert Ross: Counterparty Community Director; Folding Coin

  4. Chris Derose: Counterparty Community Director

  5. Jeremy Johnson (J-Dog): Coindaddy

  6. Ruben De Vries (rubensayshi): Blocktrail; counterparty-lib contributor

  7. Matthew Tan (mtbitcoin): Blockscan The second group will be comprised of the mentioned 750 active Couterparty addresses.. With each group, the three tokens can be used however they like (e.g. giving all three to one project, or splitting them across multiple projects). Vote counting will be done via, both for judging panel and community voting. After the voting period, the two voting groups will award the first, second and third place for both the main prize and the community prize: Main prize (7,500 XCP total, awarded by the panel):

  8. 6,000 XCP – First place

  9. 1,000 XCP – Second place

  10. 500 XCP – Third place Community prizes (up to 2,000 XCP total, awarded by community vote):

  11. Up to 1,000 XCP – First place

  12. Up to 750 XCP – Second place

  13. Up to 250 XCP – Third place Up till this date we’ve received 13 Devparty registrations, which you can view here. We thank all the participants for joining the contest and wish them best of luck during this final coding period! That concludes our update for this week. If you have any questions you can contact us via our Slack, forum or github. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly updates via email.


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