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Community Relations manager joins Counterparty

We’re delighted to announce that Niki Wiles (Bitcointalk user CryptoFinanceUK) will be heading-up our Community Relations function at Counterparty.

As an open source and community driven project, we believe that the success of our platform is directly linked to our ability to harness the passion and talent of our community. Niki’s role will be to provide the leadership and structure we need to shape the Counterparty community into an effective and self-organizing network of volunteers and advocates. His initial focus will be on putting in place processes for recruiting and welcoming new volunteers, and on building the infrastructure we need to coordinate large numbers of activists toward key objectives.

His goal is to create an inclusive and rewarding community where it’s easy for anyone who supports our mission to pick up a task and start contributing, regardless of the amount of time they have available to support the project.

Niki has an eclectic background in IT, marketing and finance, and is based in London, UK.


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