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Celebrating the 100,000th Transaction on the Counterparty Network

Today, at 10:23 AM EST, we have reached a major milestone – the 100,000th transaction on the Counterparty network! What started from scratch in January this year has grown into an innovative project backed by an amazing community. A community of people who share a common vision towards building a better, safer, faster, cheaper and most importantly, decentralized financial system. We have reached an exciting point in our society. A point where technological advancements meet social awareness and the need for a revolutionary economical and financial system. Five years into its existence, Bitcoin, the breakthrough technology with the potential to upend all sorts of established industries, has grown into a disruptive force. With these advancements, the needs and ideas for additional features offered by this innovative technology are aroused, and Counterparty emerged as a project dedicated at addressing those needs. Only ten months after its inception, Counterparty has proven to be both the most advanced and the most secure Bitcoin 2.0 project. By extending the Bitcoin protocol and offering free financial instruments, Counterparty enabled a plethora of possibilities to anyone with an Internet connection. Over the last couple of months we have watched how our project pioneered the evolution of the Bitcoin 2.0 technology and shaped the way for the realization of numerous creative ideas and the inception of exciting new projects. Counterparty showed how legitimate businesses can benefit from the Bitcoin ecosystem beyond the mere use of bitcoin as a payment system. By offering additional features and providing open and secure financial tools and markets, all while preserving the security, integrity and reliability of the bitcoin network, Counterparty proved to be the platform for creating powerful peer-to-peer financial applications. However, we couldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for the loyal support of every member in our community. We take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the project, whether it be by helping out in development, testing out our new features, providing guidance and support, spreading the word across the web, or providing constructive criticism and helping us improve our technology. We would also like to thank all our users who participated in 100,000 transactions and helped grow the Counterparty network. Moving forward, our vision for Counterparty is to become the driving force that will empower the financial revolution and deliver superior, frictionless, decentralized financial services to everyone around the world. We are just getting started, and as with every new technology we have a lot of work ahead of us. As we move forward, we will strive to improve our technology, enhance your experience, and strengthen our community as we reach the next milestone of 500,000 Counterparty transactions.


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